Демин Дмитрий

Dmitry Demin
Member of Moscow Artist Association

Graduate of "Stroganov" Moscow Academy of Arts
Since 1983 worked for the Fund of Arts of the Russian Federation and animal sculptor of its Moscow Branch. In 1985 became member of Young Artists Association of Moscow

Participated in Spring and Autumn "Kuznetsky Most" and "Begovaya" Exhibitions of the Moscow Artist Association, in the "Animal Artists of Russia" Exhibition, in collective exhibitions of Moscow animal artists at Timiriazev Museum.

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  • Wine label and Bag-in-Box design (can see these in all major supermarket networks of Russia: Kopeyka, Ramstor, Metro, Piaterochka, Perekrestok, Aushan, Samohval, etc.).

  • Packaging design for any kinds of foodstuffs

  • Style and packaging design for "private label" products.

  • Corporate style design

  • Any kinds of graphic advertising

  • Sculpture: round sculpture, medals, reliefs; special shape bottles; emblems, commercial labels, trade marks

  • 3D souvenirs and souvenir graphic design

  • Street advertising, signs, billboards

  • Drawings, compositions, gif animations for web design




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